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     Ship4u is a powerful, yet very affordable, web based Order Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Shipping and Tracking system. It is designed to handle users who need to process orders for one, or many clients, through a security function controlled by the user.

Scalable - Ship4u is scalable which mean if you are a small mom and pop organization just getting started and ship less then 1000 orders a month (just like one of our earliest clients was), Ship4u can help you with features and a price to get you started right. Yet, if you are large organization, (maybe shipping 50,000 orders a day - as one of our clients required) or you wish to get large, Ship4u has the power and features to enable you to do just that. Thus with one solution, you have a tool to get your job done and be assured that it can handle your future growth.

Ease of Use - Ship4u was designed using state of the art tools. It is controlled using a simple set of commands, screens with multi color tabs, and easy to use lookup and searching tools. Training can be completed in a few days and you can be entering and managing your system very quickly after that.

Web based - Ship4u is a web based system which enables you access to your data from anywhere that internet access is available including your office, the warehouse, at home, on the road (some use their Iphone), on a cruise ship on the high seas, etc. You can also provide this same access to your clients, though you control what access they have, which can be no access, display only, or full access to any or all selected screens.

Reporting - Ship4u can provide reports on the web in Excel, HTML, and other formats. These reports can be left on the system indefinitely so you and your clients can see current and past reports for their analysis. Also, reports can be produced Ad Hoc or be scheduled to be run automatically per your or your clients selection.


fShip4u’s strongest feature is its ease of use and scalability Ship4u is the system which lets you grow without changing either software or hardware from a hundred orders a month shipped from your garage to an operation with hundreds of thousands orders automatically routed between multiple fulfillment centers.

Our Development Goal is to:

  • Provide the easiest to use full feature Fulfillment, Call Center and Warehouse Management system
  • Let every user share the same code and new additions to give the small installation a virtual unlimited growth potential and to offer the large installation the ease of use required by our small users (with neither IT or warehouse management experts)
  • Create an environment where our customers benefits from collaboration, e.g. by establishing virtual fulfillment centers by using each others facilities and personnel when its more cost effective than setting up a new warehouse
  • Create a new freedom for the Clients, where they can change their operation virtually overnight without disrupting order flow, fulfillment or control routines and without any requirements for new interfaces
   We publish a feature list with mixed feelings; you need it to make sure that the system will take care of your daily operation. What you don’t need is an implementation with so many features that the daily operation gets out of hand. We try to follow the KISS principle “Keep It as Simple as possible, but not Simpler”. It is not an easy task; our rescue is a very active user community who guides us at every step.

Order Processing:

  • Web forms for easy and fast order entry for direct to consumer, B2B, distribution, service and consignment orders
  • View product images on line
  • Up-sells
  • Full history of activity
  • Real time order and shipment tracking
  • Access set-up to allow 3PL , Client, Sales person and B2B customer to track and enter orders
  • Select fulfillment centers from pull-down or let the system route the order based on zip codes, prefix and / or country code
  • Credit card processing with automated flip decline and installment plan processing
  • Electronic check processing with configurable clearing period
  • Authorize.net interface allowing Client a full spectrum of credit card providers
  • Cash, or invoice processing
  • Full support for various credit card issues, disputes and write-off
  • Save the sale methods
  • Batch loading of order from e-commerce or external call centers in CSV format
  • New XML and Mail Order Manager file format
  • Http file drop of orders from shopping cart download or otherwise created
  • Web View monitoring order loading, showing what files have been sent to the SFTP site, dropped or on-line entry with drill down to individual orders or rejects
  • Auto inserts, promo’s, substitutions, assemblies and kits
  • Template kits for fast data entry
  • Weight and packaging limits
  • Pass through, item based, free or indexed shipping costs
  • Sales tax calculations there the Client can decide between a flat tax or tax rates based on location and also set-up in which states the Client has to collect tax
  • State Sales Tax rules for Shipping and Handling with Client override
  • Automated handling of continuity programs
  • Order searches by name, zip, phone, customer numbers, etc.
  • Shopping cart interfaces (Ultrcart, 1shoppingcart, Informercial.TV, Yahoo Store, …)
  • Label, pick and invoice formats available to view or print from the web screen
  • Backorder fill and product substitution
  • Ship Complete, manual order split, automatic back order split, order line split and product based back order split – configure your back order handling based on your needs
  • USPS labels with ACS and delivery confirmation
  • UPS Worldship, FedEx, Purolator labels, manifest and customs declarations
  • Address correction and pre-sort with CASS and PAVE certification
  • USPS Flat Rate implementation for DVD and other shipments

Inventory and Warehouse Management:

  • Map physical warehouse locations including receiving, bulk, zone-bin, etc.
  • Prefix and / or Rack notation and labels for warehouse locations
  • Work Order based product transfers
  • All inventory changes logged in system using work order and item adjustments
  • Inventory by pieces, cartons and pallets Instant inventory lookup by product or location
  • Container and LTL check-in/check-out
  • Enhanced Receiving with check-boxes to mark damaged goods, incomplete documentation, etc. The receiving allows a bulk shipment to be received a pallet at a time for easier localization in the warehouse
  • Inventory separated into on hand, on hold and work in process
  • New cycle count process, allowing fulfillment to take place in parallel to the count
  • Zone-bin sort with forward and rear pick zones
  • Carrier returns and replacement
  • Customer returns to the fulfillment center
  • Credit Return Authorization requiring customer to call before returning product
  • Return Merchandise Authorization allowing the Client return, replace or exchange individual products
  • Automated handling of rejected returns, with customized letters explaining why the return was rejected and tracking
  • Automatic handling of warranty and return period extensions
  • Net mail ready FTC process


  • Report achieve, allows you to find old data on the web instantly
  • Order and Return pop-up allowing clients to get all Ship4u information, order tracking and control over return without having to access Ship4u
  • Stock, assembly kits, promotional kits, template kits, services, shipping and handling SKU's
  • Automatic inserts on order and product level
  • Unlimited sales items / promotions per SKU
  • Custom fields for products, Client set-up, etc
  • Custom override of ship methods, country, reason codes, etc
  • Billing categories and fulfillment override on product level gives full flexibility for 3PL billing
  • Payment plans up to 36 months
  • Limited edition or serial number tracking
  • Complete order maintenance – address, products, quantities, price, etc.
  • Schedule recurring reports and jobs and post the result to the web (internally or published for your customers)
  • Integration with Manifest systems from Abol, Kewill, Endicia, UPS, FedEx, DHL and optional integrated high volume USPS interface with presorting, etc.
  • CSV and Tab delimited formats to allow batch loading of Clients, Vendors, Products, Beginning Balance, Inventory Count, Customers, required inventory levels, price changes, etc.

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